Why We’re Here

Several Miles was created to bring you a unique assortment of styles to fit every corner of your life. My collections are thoughtfully curated piece by piece, inspired by minimal, modern bohemian aesthetics, neutrals and pops of color.

My Mission is to empower women to feel confident and carefree in what they wear. I select every item with you in mind, making sure that they're not only fashionable but also practical and make you look as good as you feel.

Whether you're jet-setting around the world or just running errands, I know you’ll feel confident and carefree in one of our pieces.

Hi I’m Natalia

After years of thinking about starting an online boutique, I finally got the courage to launch Several Miles. It’s a scary yet extremely liberating feeling to finally go for something you’ve been wanting for so long.

I am a first-generation Latina immigrant with a sassy personality who loves fashion and travel. Travel is a huge part of my life, so naturally everywhere I go I have to check out the local fashion. This love for travel and fashion has been a natural inspiration to my store. Mix that with my love for neutrals and boho pieces, and you get Several Miles!

Several Miles is run by me with the help of my mother Ana, but as the founder, I’m involved in every aspect of Several Miles. From curating every piece, planning buying trips, brand designing, to photographing products (which is one of my favorite parts) I pretty much do it all. 

I’m so happy and gracious that you are here. I couldn’t do any of this without YOU! Thank you all for joining me on this journey <3